Suffered Synonyms, Suffered Antonyms

Suffered Synonyms, Suffered Antonyms

endure – To suffer something is, etymologically, to “maintain or maintain it from underneath,” from Latin sufferre, “sustain.” ed two strokes and endured brain cancer since I was arrested and imprisoned. That has some optimistic that companies continuing to suffer through the pandemic will get one other lifeline to hold on. Many content material advertising strategies and departments endure from an overall siloed structure. Five of my mom’s six siblings endure from depression or bipolar disorder. endure typically suggests acceptance or passivity rather than courage or endurance in bearing.

That’s why somebody who doesn’t undergo fools gladly won’t put up with nonsense. bear, endure, endure, abide, tolerate, stand mean to place up with one thing attempting or painful. bear usually implies the facility to maintain with out flinching or breaking.


Older infants may be extra likely to have moved round to different foster homes and thus to have suffered more disruptions than youthful infants. As step one of their mannequin, one hobo factor suffered insertion of another hobo factor at a goal sequence current within the first factor. Unfortunately she suffered issues in a later pregnancy and the sew needed to be eliminated.

It is hardly surprising that pension funds, insurers and endowments are trying to find new sources of return. To really feel pain.At least he did not endure when he died within the automotive crash. But he claims he used them only to numb the pain brought on by injuries suffered while performing and at home. He also suffered continual again ache from an injury in his youth.


In fact, he has always suffered this situation; what is new is his perception of it, and its internalization. His work is a chore to be suffered and is tough to come to phrases with. On a personal stage, it is clear that those that suffered from state brutality had been concurrently demonised and dehumanised by the regime. I do not think that my analysis has suffered due to the editorship. Those who had suffered at some time with kwashiorkor showed a significantly higher imply interval previous to the delivery, compared with those that had not. Many thus suffered from the violence of the liberation forces.

Undergo (Expertise Trauma):

Our correspondent found that timekeeping had suffered following the substitution of Class s on these workings. The government suffered another blow when a report claimed that requirements in schooling had been falling. A man who suffered severe mind injury throughout an operation is suing the hospital. London employers had been suffering from a desperate scarcity of faculty-leavers. If you suffer ache or an illness, or if you undergo from a ache or sickness, you might be badly affected by it. The business suffered a blow, although, when heath inspectors gave it a hammering citing a sequence of hygiene points.

His popularity suffered after his dying and has still not been rehabilitated. He has helped patients suffering from anxiety, despair, and consuming disorders. She was admitted to hospital to the hospital affected by shock.

To become worse.If you retain partying like this, your college-work will endure. If they cannot learn to adapt, they will undergo the implications. Research shows that children of alcoholic mother and father usually tend to endure issues in adulthood. My work started to suffer badly because the ritual grew to become more complex. The church is in an excellent place to succeed in out to ladies who suffer so badly.

Idioms And Phrases With Endure

Without story, though, any Zelda game would endure, even an action-packed recreation like Age of Calamity. When you’re working such long hours, it is inevitable that your marriage will begin to suffer. The word within the instance sentence does not match the entry word. Agricultural production in Africa might want to enhance by 70 % by 2050 to ensure a sustainable food supply for a rising variety of individuals.

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